Why Responsive Web Design Is The Best?

ssdsfd | Sep 22, 2014 | 0 Comment

Every single user of the digital space has more than two devices on which he/she operate, surf, explore and buy products. In such a scenario, selling your product through a website seems wise. The digital space acquired is half the battle won. But what can one do to make the user come back for more once the sale is done? The answer lies in these three words: Enhanced User Experience.

If users like the way your website functions, if it’s easy to navigate and has a smooth flow, a great look and a user-friendly interface, there is high possibility they will return to the site in future, irrespective of the platform. As the user involves multiple devices and platforms, a responsive web design becomes the ideal choice for web designers. Of course, SEO and marketing play important roles, but with 67 percent users claiming they are more likely to buy from a mobile friendly website, it is time to welcome the responsive web design with gusto.

A responsive web design is one which functions on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and the likes. It does not make sense to create separate websites for desktops and mobiles, as the cost increases and so does the tediousness of creating multiple campaigns for promoting each. Google to recommends responsive web design as it contains the same URL across devices, works on the same HTML, and increases shareability across platforms too. Managing it becomes way easier, and thus also easier to keep track of what is working and what is not. No matter the device, the screen size or the resolution; a responsive web design adapts and provides a consistent user experience. A person researching on a smart-phone will be uncomfortable if the same website on his desktop seems different and uses a different interface.

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