Why Don’t Your Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns Result in Effective Lead Generation?

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Business objectives can certainly vary but whether the goal is to enhance the brand awareness or it is to increase customer base, the underlying constant and the ultimate objective of every business is to get more customers.

According to a survey conducted by Chief Marketer, number of businesses using PPC channels for lead generation rose from 31% in 2013 to 43% in 2014. However, the effectiveness of the channel is still decided by its proper optimization.

1)Content Consistency
The content on your PPC advertisement and on the landing page has to be consistent. Users clicking on the advertisement expect your landing page to be an enhancement of the ad and not an anomaly to it.

2)Landing Page
Treatment of your PPC landing page has to be really strong. It should have less loading time with only the required images. One of the most important aspects of a landing page is the customer form which should have only the required important fields, hence driving the user to fill the form rather getting intimidated by the same.

3) Make it worth their time
Customer love businesses which appreciate their time and effort. Offers and rewards works as strong motivation factors for prospects to fill the form and provide their valuable details. Businesses can include well-constructed and designed free E-books, whitepapers, presentations etc. to reward the prospects in exchange for their details.

4)Measurement and Metrics
The investments done per lead or on the whole campaign should be tracked down meticulously. The time and effort invested in the campaign should justify the objectives of the campaign and the longevity of such campaigns should be decided only through proper metrics.

It is really important to have clear objectives behind your lead generation campaigns. The idea is to have strong content with an optimized landing page with clear call-to-action buttons. Minimizing the cost-per-click with proper continuous measurement of the entire campaign is imperative.

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