How to Use Your E-Mail List to Build Customer Loyalty and Trust

E-mail subscribers are worth their weight in gold. Only a highly engaged prospect will give away his e-mail id to receive your updates. By signing up, the subscriber has expressed an initial interest. Now it is up to you to build on that interest in such a way that generates loyalty and trust.
Here are a few suggestions to make your new subscriber feel special, and create a positive bond.

Send a Welcome E-Mail

A well-crafted welcome e-mail can make the subscriber look forward to your future communications. Send a friendly email which warmly welcomes them to your inside, privileged group and describe what they can look forward to. Tell them how frequently they can expect to hear from you and the value they will receive from your e-mails.

Send a Series of E-Mails via Auto Responder

Write a series of e-mails which can be sent automatically to your new subscribers according to a preset schedule. These e-mails must ideally contain information that will educate, entertain, or follow up after a product purchase to help them make the most of it. Give your subscribers exactly what they want and when they want it.

Request Feedback

Send a feedback request e-mail after a subscriber has been on your list for some time. Personalise this e-mail by reminding them about the time they signed up and the information that they have received so far. Ask them if they have found the information useful, and tell them that you are eager to know what they think. Request a feedback or end the e-mail with a call to action to complete an online survey.

Special Offers

Treat your e-mail subscribers royally by offering them special and exclusive offers that aren’t available to anyone else. Send them exclusive invitations or discounts, and let them know that no one else is getting this special deal. The special offer e-mails should be sent sparingly because no one wants to be pitched at aggressively, even with discounts.

Follow the above tips to create a loyal subscriber base.

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