The Role of Images In Social Media Marketing

We have all heard this many times before – a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to social media, the importance of images cannot be stressed enough. They are vital to drive engagement.

Use images to capture the attention of your target audience

People have a very low attention span these days and they are exposed to tons of content. Images are a great way to capture their attention and quickly convey your message. A long post with just a bunch of text can put visitors off, but with images you can naturally grab attention.

Succinctly convey the message

Even though the quality of text can be excellent, a well-placed image can take it one step further. Breaking up the text will help people pause and think about the points that are conveyed in the text. This is important especially when you are trying to convey a message about how a particular product works, or in a tutorial.

Eliminate boredom

Images are a great way to provide some contrast to break the boredom. Paragraph after paragraph of text can quickly become boring. Clever use of images can break this boredom and bring some vibrancy to the post.

Helps optimize for search engines

Adding a few pictures with the relevant tags and meta tags is a great strategy to give a quick boost to your SEO. When you include the proper image file name, titles, alt and description tags, it helps Google index your content well. Whenever you add images to your social media account, make sure that you take advantage of their tagging system and use appropriate hashtags.

Image based social media networks

Pinterest and Instagram are hugely popular social media networks that work solely on images. If your industry is visually oriented, like fashion, food, or home décor, make sure that you take advantage of these networks to really engage and connect with the audience.

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