How to Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation

For small business, a clean and friendly image can be one of the most important factors that determine its success. Protect your online reputation by following these tips.

Define yourself to build your brand

Your online presence must be a thoughtful representation of who you are. What does your company stand for and how do you want your customers to perceive you? For a small business or personal brand, the credibility of the owner is also important. Your online brand must reflect your experience, qualifications, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

Use social media tools carefully and proactively

There are literally hundreds of social media networks that are available today. Instead of randomly building profiles on all of them, choose a few good ones that you can consistently and actively manage. Do not create profiles and then leave them to gather dust. If you have a social media presence, actively monitor it for negative and positive engagement. Do what is required to counter negative feedback.

Protect yourself from online brand hijackers

Your online brand must be yours alone. There have been stories of several individuals and businesses being negatively impacted by someone else posting inappropriate content under their name. Brands like Coca-Cola or Starbucks have an army of lawyers to provide legal assistance to protect patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Even as a small business, you can still prevent misuse of your name by claiming as much digital real estate as possible. Obtain a domain name with the name of your brand, and also buy the .org, .net, .co, and other variations of it. If you find fake profiles on social networks, notify the network admins immediately.

Building a powerful brand requires consistent and long-term effort. If you don’t nurture it, it will die or worse, bring about negative publicity.

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