How to Market Your Consulting Business Using Social Media

Till few years back, most of the business took place by face-to-face interaction, personal contacts and word of mouth publicity that helped in terms of deeper connect and relationship building. Today, with the outspread of social media, businesses worldwide are flourishing. Now, there are few who are doing extremely well than the others. There is no magic or luck associated. It simply is an art of using the social media platforms in the most effective and efficient manner.

How to Market Your Consulting Business Using Social Media

Digging deeper, below are few ways to market your consulting business using social media platform:-

1. Facebook – Unlike few years back, Facebook is now consciously used for entrepreneurial purposes. Just like your profile page, make a company page and invite people from your circle to showcase your offering. The trick to succeed here is not just by doing business through it, but also sharing relevant information to update all your customers from your page.

2. LinkedIn – Apart from being an excellent professional networking medium, it offers one to be part of relevant communities. That helps in targeted reach. Also, one can create their own page, discussion group and invite people whom they want to market their expertise to. You can stay top of mind of people by using LinkedIn “Tags”.

3. Twitter – Create an account and share thoughts on relevant topic in which you are calling yourself an expert at. Through the advanced search option in twitter, people can find you easily with certain keywords mentioned in your account. Vice versa, while you are looking for a prospective client. Not to forget the hashtags.

4. Quora – Conversation is the key. And if that’s what your company’s expertise is in, then Quora is the place for you. A well-constructed Q&A forum where you can market yourself by answering questions in your chosen field and connect with people. Business automatically follows.

5. Rapportive – A site that simultaneously allows you to operate LinkedIn while in Gmail. Ideal for people working on both, without wasting time in switching. Helps keep in touch with LinkedIn contacts and discussions without letting it go unattended.

6. Follow your competitors closely – Occasionally keeping a check on the online popular posts and activities of your competitors help. They give you a hint of what worked for them. There is no harm therefore, in doing something on similar lines with a tinge of uniqueness and slant of your own.

7. Event Promotion – Webinar and Web-conferencing invites can be sent to relevant LinkedIn contacts for participation. Later, the gist of the event can be posted on company pages in different platforms. More the updates on different platforms, more is the awareness created.

Quality wins over quantity. It is always good to experiment with different platforms, but finally should stick to the ones that work for you. That saves time and reduces confusion.

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