Make the Most of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

The good old days when your Facebook Page used to be a practically free method of reaching prospects is now over. Organic reach is steadily declining now that Facebook has embraced a pay-to-play approach.

Luckily, a Facebook ad campaign is pretty easy to put together. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your valuable advertising dollars.

Use the right images

To find out which images work best, you may need to do a little bit of testing. Should you use lifestyle photography, or is it cartoony images that work well with your audience? Also ensure that the images are all optimally sized. The ideal size of an image for the right hand side ad is 100 x 72 pixels. Try not to use the same images for newsfeeds and ads.

Target wisely

Facebook allows you to really narrow down your targeting with respect to gender, age, location, education level, relationship status, and even the mobile OS of people. When you have a limited budget and want to squeeze every bit out of your advertising dollar, make sure that you get your target segment down pat. If you are a local business, it doesn’t make much sense targeting everyone in the country. Drill down as deep as possible based on your ideal customer characteristics.

Sponsored stories and posts

Sponsored stories are ads that tell people whether their friends have liked your page. This works as social proof and builds trust on your brand. Also use sponsored posts by “boosting” a post so more number of fans will see it on the news feeds. If you are promoting an event or a specific deal, sponsored posts are the way to go.

Get help

While it is easy enough to set up an ad campaign, you need to strategically allocate your marketing dollars to get the best results. Sometimes, seeking the help of an expert who has done this before would be the easiest way to run massively successful ad campaigns.

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