Impact of Video Content in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It is tough to create good videos, but if you do it well, video content can be a significant aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways in which media content can impact your digital marketing strategy.

You get access to a huge base of audience

Video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are visited by millions of people every single day. YouTube is even used as a search engine; it is second only to Google when it comes to people searching for answers to their questions. With video content, you have virtually unlimited potential to reach a massive audience.

You can target different types of audience

Consumers of video content are either looking to get entertained or searching for specific information. You can get in front of either type of audience by creating appropriate details. If you’re focused on nurturing and converting leads, informational videos about the products and services within your industry can help. If you’re focusing on building a brand name or creating brand awareness, entertaining videos will do the trick.

You can attract a lot of engagement

If you look at the comments below YouTube videos, you will see how engaged online video watchers truly are. When you put up videos, you’re almost guaranteed to receive feedback in the form of comments. Videos always have a chance of going viral, and if it does you may get more response and feedback than you can manage. Before you start video content marketing, put a plan in place to deal with responses and comments.

You get in-depth information in the form of analytics

Both YouTube and Vimeo offer critical information about viewers that will help you understand the behaviour patterns of your target audience and how to engage with them further.

You will be able to view and generate reports on

  • number of views
  • visitor demographics
  • traffic sources
  • likes and dislikes
  • devices
  • number of subscribers
  • number of favourites
  • number of shares
  • number of comments
  • playback locations

All these are critical information that provide deep insights into your target audience.

Hopefully, you are now thinking about incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Start with simple videos and then build from there. Remember that all you need is an ordinary camera, and a computer to create a video. You may also find specialist video production companies who will shoot and edit great videos for you.

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