How to Maximize Social Media Engagement for Your Site

A study by the Internet Advertising Bureau found that 90% of users would recommend a brand after interacting with them on a social network. It only makes sense for businesses to do what it takes to maximize their social media engagement because it directly drives sales.

Here are four clever ways to do it.

1. Use Attractive, Compelling Content

Visual content is a guaranteed winner in terms of engagement. One month after Facebook introduced Timeline for brands, there was a 65% engagement improvement in content that featured photos and videos (Source: Simply Measured). Use attractive content to inspire users to respond to your post, and share it among their friends.

2. Interact with Your Fans

Simply posting fantastic content is not enough, you must follow it up by actively interacting with the users. Ask questions to let them know that you value their opinion. Post fun games and encourage fans to describe your product or create slogans. Also, make a habit of consistently rewarding the most active fans to increase engagement.

3. Be Hands-On, Don’t Automate

It can be tempting to automate your social media marketing campaign, but it may not get you the best results. If your updates appear robotic or spammy, it can drive customers away. Remember that it is the human element that makes social media so effective. Show your fans respect by letting them know that they are interacting with real people behind the brand, and not some software.

4. Track Your Results

Many businesses underestimate the importance of analytics in their marketing. Track your engagement metrics such as the number of likes, clicks, comments etc. to determine which social media platforms and strategies are paying off. Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Approach social media the right way, and it can be the most important component in your marketing mix. Use it well to propel your business to new heights.

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