Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups – Which is Better for You?

A commonly asked question about using Facebook for business is about the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, and which one is better to use.

Facebook itself offers a detailed description about the Difference Between Pages And Groups. Pages are designed to allow public figures, businesses, and other entities to create a public presence on Facebook, whereas Groups are better suited for small groups to closely interact.

Pros and cons of Facebook Pages

With a Facebook Page, you have the option to promote your content to a wider audience with the help of promoted posts. If you consistently want to attract more people and promote your deals, choose a Facebook Page. You get free access to Facebook Insights which offers detailed information about your fan base, and also how your posts perform. By using the admin mode on a Facebook page, you will also get to see the content of other pages that you’ve liked in your news feed. It is a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your industry.

Since the page is more like a public area, it is a little challenging to build high levels of engagement. You will also have to constantly deal with the changing news feed algorithm.

Pros and Cons of Facebook groups

Facebook group updates have a higher chance of showing up on your members news feed. As a group admin, you have the option to restrict membership, and to make the group closed. A group may not be the best choice to build online visibility, but if you want to talk about a sensitive topic/product which your users do not want to publicly discuss, a group is a good option.

In short, choosing a Facebook Page or Group depends on your overall social media strategy. If you want to frequently announce special offers, sell directly, or reach a large number of people, choose a Page. If you’re dealing with a niche product that only a select group of people are likely to be interested in, the best choice would be a Group.

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