6 Tricks to Make Your Video 10/10 on the SEO Scale

It has been proven through experience and without doubt that in terms of content, video content is most likely to fetch the highest number of eye-balls in most type of websites. In fact, a study even suggests that any content with video in it is 50 times more likely to be found in search results than text content.

6 Tricks to Make Your Video 1010 on the SEO Scale - Mercury Digital

Although that may not be true for all search terms, especially those type of terms that refer to content not usually associated with videos such as research papers for example. Yet, there is a large category of content where videos are most likely to be found and be more accessible than normal text content. That is why it becomes imperative to have a video SEO strategy in place. The need for it becomes more urgent when one takes into consideration the fact that most videos have not been SEO optimized and website hosts generally maintain video as support content to the main content posted on their website. All of this means that video based content is a low hanging SEO fruit that can be quickly exploited to take your brand to its maximum possible potential.

So how can you maximize the SEO Quotient of your videos?

1. Find the right keywords: The first step is to conduct a preliminary search on the right kind of keywords that would be organically integrated with your brand’s messaging or your website’s content. Those type of keywords are the most potent ones and will drive interested traffic and reduce the incidence of random traffic which need not translate into sales. Also, you can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to generate an initial pool of keywords to choose from. Select a couple of good keywords.

2. Tags: Tags are an important aspect of video based marketing. You can use tags to create a clear concise description of what the video is about. Further the more concise the tag descriptions are, the more accurate the landing result for a user will be. Hence proper tag descriptions are an important part of funneling sales to your channel.

3. Titling: Since video won’t have much text around it, one needs to utilize the maximum potential from the text spaces provided for a video. While there is a description area, tags area and links area, the most important one is the Title area. To get the best SEO friendly title for your video, you have to start thinking like a searcher. For e.g., if you want to search for the content provided in your video, how would you search for it in Google? What would be the usual terms that would come to your mind while searching for the results that you are looking for? Once you have those words, then you will have a clear direction about how to Title your video.

4. Sharing: Share your video content across social networks, but in a staggered fashion. Getting your content socially integrated is very necessary as it builds an interconnected web of links that all come together to generate maximum SEO gold. Also posting in a staggered manner keeps the momentum going up over a period of days. Where a website does not support video content, you can take screen grabs from the video and make a PDF or PPT of the screen grabs to post it on such kind of websites, such as slideshare for e.g.,.

5. Misspelled Keywords: While accurate spellings are important as keywords for your video content, incorporating misspelled words can also boost your SEO potential. Often people misspell keywords and it is in your interest therefore to incorporate misspellings as well. So it is advisable to research on common misspellings that people type while searching. For e.g., you may include misspellings such as “vido”, “videoz” for the keyword, “video”.

6. Informative “How To”: If we go by Google suggestions, you will see most users search for informative content. They prefer to be educated through videos than by reading texts as the former is easier to grasp. So focus on developing your video content in a way that makes it an informative, “how to” type of video as that can generate more hits and visits.

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