6 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your E-Commerce Business

6 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your E-Commerce Business

Understanding the need of shoppers is important for all e-commerce businesses. But many online shoppers rely on word of mouth when it comes to choosing an e-commerce site to purchase. Your reputation as a brand on social media matters. This means all e-commerce businesses should have a community online to build a reputation, connect with their customers and listen to what they have to say. The conversions depend on the level of engagement your brand has on social media. Purchase and conversions increase when e-commerce businesses leverage these social channels wisely.

Social media marketing strategy comes into play here and you have to plan it well before you post, share or add something on any platforms. Also this is an on-going process that results in converting most of your visitors into shoppers, who judge you on the level of online repute you have on social media.

Here are 6 social media strategies that will help your e-commerce business attract more visitors regularly:

1. Social Media Reviews
Shoppers love to read reviews before making a purchase, especially on social channels where the word is quickly spread. New visitors tend to check about your e-commerce site reviews on social channels and take into note what people are saying about you. Here a strategy to get reviews from your existing customers works really well. Also a daily communication and connection must be established with your customers from your Twitter handle and Facebook page.

2. Online Contests and Giveaways
Engage your audience on social media by running contests and giving away prizes to those who like, share or review you. This way you make your existing customers happier and excite the new ones too. The interested ones on the social platforms will surely check out your website. On social channels the participation is always higher as people share and let others know really quickly. If you reward them with goodies you are sure to win more customers among their friends and followers.

3. Communicate through your posts
All your posts must spread the message effectively. Spend time to think and ideate, so that you are clear when you craft your posts for a particular social platform. E-commerce businesses must focus on great design and informative content when they convey something on social media. This way you connect to them vividly and they will remember you longer.

4. Offers and Coupon
E-commerce traffic increases during the festive and holiday season. The on-going sales attract a lot of attention and people benefit from the slashed prices and discounts. But do you know most new visitors get to know about this information on social channels? Yes, putting your best offers and coupons on social platforms will entice shoppers to purchase. You have to try it to believe it.

5. Add value with blogs as well as micro content
Nothing convinces your customer more than an informative blog post. A blog is also a perfect way to get more traffic, increase social media engagement and add value. If your e-commerce site publishes blogs with informative content that educates them, you can easily gain the trust of your social media audience. Knowing that you have expertise in this industry, shoppers will make purchase from your store only irrespective of the competition.

6. Engage Daily : Stay on top of their mind recall
In order to infuse your brand in the day to day lives of your customers, you have to strategize on your daily engagement activity. This not only helps you stay on top of their mind but also makes them curious about what’s new you have to offer them. This will also help you build a great relationship with your customers.

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