5 Tips to Promote Your Brand through Pinterest

Pinterest is an exciting social media platform that sprouted a new way of sharing. It allows users to pin an image from an external source and share it with the world. When a user pins the image, that image will then be accessible from a user’s pin board from his Pinterest account. This way, Pinterest allows users to collect images from all over the web and put them in one place for quick reference. It also allows image discovery and sharing of images.


Because of its visually appealing nature, Pinterest holds great promise for companies from a marketing and brand building perspective. Let us explore some ideas on how this may be achieved.

1. Bring Pinterest to your stores: Use Pinterest in your store to drive sales up. Social Media has come to be a reliable source for customers to base their purchasing decisions upon. This is because they are able to immediately obtain relevant customer feedback from others, who reviewed the product they intend to purchase. However, this kind of instant accessible review is not possible in an offline store or offline advertising. So, this can be creatively resolved by ‘physically pinning’ your products as, ‘most pinned item’, or , ‘most pinned by soccer moms’ or any other such creative pins based on your Pinterest based audience. This gives brick-and-mortar customers an immediate idea about the product’s customer acceptance and thus they feel more inclined to make a purchase.

2. Bring your store to Pinterest: To be able to use Pinterest to your full advantage, you will first have to understand the nature of the audience that visits Pinterest. Because Pinterest is an image oriented website, the majority of Pinterest’s users are those who have a keen interest in fashion, accessories, home designing and such other visually appealing activities and engagements.

So if you are not a fashion or an accessories outlet, you may not be a natural host for Pinterest’s audience. But knowing the kind of audience that likes to frequent Pinterest, you can create visually appealing and creative images to attract Pinterest’s audience, even if you have a completely different work field. For e.g., if you are a hardware store, instead of showing dull tools and machines, show designer shelves and closets that have been built up using your hardware tools. Such custom visual appeal supported by your business interests and designed for the tastes of Pinterest’s audience are sure to keep your Pin board in the limelight.

3. Post Infographics: The logic for this is simple. People like to be informed in relation to the things that they are interested in. With easy search options available, users now prefer searching more for information about your product than impulsively giving in to a purchase. Also, other customer reviews and feedback can be instantaneously accessed. If customers will intuitively do so, then why should you give them the opportunity to stop viewing your product and start researching on Google? If they get distracted by something else during their search, then a potential brand building opportunity is lost.

Hence, customer reviews, feedback, sales figures, age group relevant statistics, or any other figure/number/statistic that you feel may be relevant to your customers, should be put up as interesting infographics. They must be visually appealing and at the same time provide, a pithy and condensed set of information to help make the customer take a purchasing decision.

4. Humanize your Pin Board: Don’t be so commercial in your social media presence. That’s the straightforward meaning of ‘Humanization’. The way social media originated and developed, its users have come to expect a certain type of experience, which is centered on social interaction. Hence, commercial presence is seen as an invasion of a social space and such presence may at times be loathed.

Therefore, it is necessary that even serious businesses break themselves down to socially sentient beings that provide to their customers a social experience on a social site. So use Pinterest to also post pictures about your business’ staff, or staff birthday pictures, or the photo of a satisfied customer with your product, or your chief boss in an awkward candid moment. Use such social moments to paint a picture of a ‘Human’ entity that genuinely seeks to improve the experience of its consumers.

5. Moderate your use of Pinterest: Oversharing is detested worldwide, not only online, but also offline and in real social settings. That is why it is important to regularly update your Pinterest board only with visually appealing content that actually catches one’s attention. Whatever that may be, whether it be an infographic, or a staff pic, or your product’s pic, you have to moderate the frequency of Pins that you employ on your account. Keep it regular and adequately spaced so that it does not drive your audience away from you due to oversharing.

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