10 Tips for Creating Killer Landing Pages

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Landing pages are pages on your website designed just to attract traffic, and convert them into valuable and contactable leads.

A great landing page has the ability to capture the attention of random visitors, turn them into subscribers, and compel them to follow a strong call to action. Here are a few tips to create killer landing pages.

Create a strong headline with clear messaging

The headline is the first thing that a visitor will notice on your page. Use a prominent headline with clear language to crisply convey what the page is about. Tell the visitor exactly what they will get when they follow a particular call to action, e.g. download an e-book, or register for a webinar.

Do not clutter the page

Don’t clutter the page with too many images. The design elements must be kept to a minimum and there has to be enough whitespace to enhance readability.

Body copy

Just below the main headline, use a sub headline to expand on the theme. Then use the body copy to further explain and provide context. How exactly will your e-book or webinar help the user? Keep the explanation brief, concise, and interesting.

Use images as appropriate

If you’re able to use an image that clearly conveys the message, use it by all means. Make sure that the picture matches exactly with the offer on the landing page.

Capture information

Landing pages exist to capture information from the visitor which you can later follow-up. Use a well thought out information capture form on the page to harvest information. The longer the form, the more qualified your leads will be. But don’t make the form too long; ask only for the most essential information to avoid putting the visitors off.

Positioning of the form

The form must be placed high on the page, or above the fold, so your visitors can clearly see it without having to scroll down.

Hide navigation to other pages

Avoid hyperlinking to other pages because you want the customer to stay on your landing page and not go elsewhere.

A single Call To Action

Your landing page must have just one Call To Action, not more. The CTA button must be prominent and large enough to capture attention. The button must pop, so use a contrasting colour than the background. You may also have to experiment with the positioning of the CTA button. On the button, clearly spell out what you expect the visitor to do.

Social sharing

Many people miss this, but including social media buttons in your landing page will improve your reach and get you a lot of extra traffic from beyond your immediate network.

Test the landing page

When you want to introduce new landing page features, build two identical pages and change just one feature on each of them. Track which won converts better. If you notice substantial improvement on one over another, stick with that feature and test something else.

Building a landing page need not be an intimidating task. The more landing pages you have on your website, the higher the number of leads you generate. If you don’t have a landing page on your website, you may be losing out on the opportunity to convert many of your visitors to customers

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